April 7, 2020


Strange Priorities Down South

The South African government has committed itself to yet another huge handout to state-owned South African Airways. Subsidies for the perennial loss-making airline have already cost taxpayers at least R12 billion (that’s equivalent to about $ 1.2 billion at current exchange rates) over the past decade, says the Free Market Foundation’s Jasson Ur…
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Of miscegenation, race and redemption – two South African novels

“Miscegenation – n. The inter-breeding of people of different races. – Origin C19: formed irregularly from L. miscere ‘to mix’ + genus ‘race’ + -ation (Concise Oxford English Dictionary)” “Unrestrained sexual intercourse between the black and the white races is … a crime of great magnitude, for it is the self…
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Managing Television News : A Handbook for Ethical and Effective Producing Top Deals

Tsogo Sun To Show Best Of South Africa

At a special announcement at Montecasino, the premier entertainment destination’s operator, Tsogo Sun, confirmed a new partnership with the Sport……
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