April 7, 2020


Land handed to Mamre community

The community of Mamre in the Western Cape, has received the title deeds of 4,200 hectares of farm land, which was taken away under apartheid legislation over 20 years ago. The title deeds to the land, which was handed over by the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform Gugile Nkwinti as part of Heritage […]

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Land expropriation without compensation not policy

Johannesburg – The expropriation of land without compensation is not a policy of government, says Gauteng MEC for Rural Development and Land Reform, Nandi Mayathula-Khoza. “We need to make it clear that expropriation of land without compensation is not the policy of the African National Congress-led government. “The Bill of Rights in section …
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Billions moving into land buys

Farmland has risen in value at an average rate of 3.4 per cent a year since 1850 in the UK, and at an average of 6.2 per cent since 1967. Farm prices in the US have risen by 150 per cent in real terms over the past century. Some well-known private investors such as Jim […]

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Food security linked to land reform

Pretoria – Government cannot talk about improving food security without referring to land reform, President Jacob Zuma told members of the African Farmers Association of South Africa (AFASA) at a gala dinner on Monday. “In 2009, we made a commitment to transfer 30 percent of the 82 million hectares of agricultural land which was white-owned…
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Land grabs in Ethiopia

Violent land grabs in Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley are displacing tribes and preventing them from cultivating their land, leaving thousands of people hungry and ‘waiting to die’. As the world prepares to raise awareness of the issues behind poverty and hunger on October 16 (World Food Day), Ethiopia continues to jeopardize the food security an…
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