April 7, 2020


e-Commerce in China


In China it’s already 60 per cent the size it is in the US, and has been growing almost twice as fast, says Goldman Sachs. [Read more…]

China to wage war against poverty

Li Keqiang

Xi’an – China will wage a war against poverty with a stronger resolve and prevent it from afflicting future generations, Premier Li Keqiang has said.

High economic growth since China adopted reforms and opened up more than 30 years ago has helped lift almost half the nation’s population out of poverty. This is due to market-oriented reforms and the government’s constant efforts in poverty relief, the premier said. [Read more…]

Agreement on Iran nuclear power

iran nuclear

The South African government has welcomed the Geneva agreement between world powers and Iran agreeing to a temporary freeze of its nuclear programme.

According to the six-month agreement — reached between the US, China, Russia, the UK, France and Germany — Iran will curb some of its nuclear activities and receive US $7 billion in sanctions relief. Iran agreed to halt nuclear activities by 20% and gave UN inspectors access to its facilities. [Read more…]

Companies fly high in China

It goes without saying that South Africans are flying the flag high when it comes to doing business abroad and the 2013 South African Expos held in China last week was indicative of this. Innovation, passion to succeed and to give back to one’s country of birth formed the elements of South African companies that […]

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Dti encourages China

Pretoria – Trade and Industry Director General Lionel October on Thursday encouraged Chinese companies to invest in South Africa. China has invested significantly in Africa with Chinese manufacturer First Automobile Works investing $ 100 million to build a vehicle and truck assembly plant in Coega, South Africa. The project to date has produce…
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Vision China Media Contempt motion

Oak Investment Partners and Gobi Partners have filed a contempt motion in the New York State Supreme Court against VisionChina Media, Inc. (Nasdaq: VISN) and its subsidiary, Vision Best Ltd., for their failure to transfer $ 60 million into New York State by August 21, 2012. The motion argues that VisionChina’s failure to pay is a […]

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