April 4, 2020


Tax Avoidance, Guilty

Tax Avoidance

Tax Avoidance

The current brouhaha over highly successful tax planning by multinationals such as Apple is simply ridiculous. [Read more…]

SA maritime industry opens for business

Cape Town – The South African maritime industry has opened for business and has encouraged partnerships with those prepared to give local seafarers an opportunity to support international trade. Speaking on board the SA Agulhas 1, which was docked next to HMS Belfast in London, on Tuesday night, Sindiswe Chikunga, Deputy Minister of Transport sai…
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Small Business Advice

Small Business Advice – How To Grow Your Business We are all in business to make money; anyone who says differently probably has too much money. For someone who is starting out with a new business venture it is always … Continue reading
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Big Profit Thinking To Stop Your Small Business Sinking

Business growth expert Annette Du Bois’s new book Big Profit Thinking To Stop Your Small Business Sinking: Powerful Strategies To Accelerate Your Business Success will allow you to unlock the true potential in your business using powerful, practical and proven strategies for success. This book will help business owners with redirected recessi…
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The Perfect Online Business Model

The Perfect Online Business Model I have just spent the past few days reading Matt Llloyd’s I.M Revolution. I must say that I am mightily impressed with his story and even more impressed with his Business Model. I always resonate … Continue reading The Official Site of Gordon Robinson » Online Business

Programme unites business ideas

People with clever digital business start-up ideas and people interested in getting involved in developing these start-ups have a golden opportunity to do just that through NDRC’s unique Swequity Exchange programme NDRC’s Swequity Exchange will bring people with business ideas together, choose the best ones and match them to a team of q…
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