August 24, 2019


Make 2014 your year

They say it is a man’s world, once upon a time they made all the decisions, they played the sports they wanted to they went drinking when they wanted and they even gambled when they wanted to.

Well, times have changed, women are more independent these days, we can go where we want, we can play the sport we want and we can go drinking when we want.

The world’s our oyster and now to show how we are equal we can even gamble when we want and 888Ladies makes this an even more possible situation by providing us with our own online opportunity to be adventurous and to keep moving with the times. It is 2014 afterall.

In 2014, 888ladies are offering you the chance to play bingo for free for a year, and on their 888ladies facebook page, there are further opportunities for their FB fans to make a wish, and to ask what will make their 2014 great, and one of the fans will be selected to make their wish come true.

Make 2014 great, make it your year

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