May 29, 2020


John Nash of A Beautiful Mind killed

US mathematician John Nash, who inspired the Oscar-winning film A Beautiful Mind, has died in a car crash with his wife, police have said. Nash, 86, and his 82-year-old wife Alicia were killed when their taxi crashed in New Jersey, they said. The mathematician is renowned for his work in game theory, winning the Nobel […]

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Mduduzi Manana determined to serve

Listed among South Africa’s youngest Members of Parliament at age 25 in 2009, Mduduzi Manana is passionate about changing the lives of young people. He always gets a buzz out of question time in Parliament without the slightest ruffle of temper. Even when he addresses his opponents, he is always very calm, something one finds […]…
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JCSE ICT skills survey places the spotlight on South Africa

Wits University’s Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) has today launched its sixth consecutive skills trends survey in the South African information and communications technology (ICT) sector. With an objective to identify the most pressing skills needs from South African corporates, obtain a balanced view of current skills capacities o…
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EHRs in the Age of Ebola

NEW YORK, Oct. 27, 2014 – In the last few weeks, Ebola has gone from a localized health concern in parts of Africa to a worldwide crisis when a traveler to United States came down with the virus and died, and two nurses were infected. While much of the cable news talk focused on how […]…
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Slenky Provides Fun and Opportunities

Social networking site Slenky is taking an innovative, digital approach to addressing young people in Britain’s concerns about money, unemployment, lack of opportunities and cuts to education. Slenky is tackling this head on by giving 13-24-year olds from around the UK unique and incredible ‘shots’ by working with companies and in…
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Learners take on the GLOBE

Sixteen learners from two schools in KwaZulu-Natal will represent South Africa at a worldwide learners’ conference from 4 – 8 August 2014, in New Delhi, India. The learners were chosen after successfully developing research projects on saving the environment. The GLOBE — Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment …
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Approaching Threat of US Financial Crisis

The rich, with their ownership of investment assets and ready access to cheap credit to gear up their holdings, have continued to be “the chief beneficiaries of… unorthodox monetary policies,” says the CLSA strategist Christopher Wood. Equities, Multiple Expansion “In the world of equities, multiple expansion – not earnings [growth] – h…
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Winning Characteristics

Jews are outperformers in many realms of human endeavour. For example, they won 22 per cent of all the Nobel Prizes in the last century, and their hit rate moved up to 32 per cent in the early years of this century, although they constitute no more than 0.2 per cent of the world’s population. […]…
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What Investors Should Do Now

Jay Pelosky of JZZ Advisory offers this ‘road map to success’ in current conditions… ‘First, be prepared for more data-driven volatility.’ In other words, monetary policies will probably be destabilized by surprise shifts in key economic fundamentals such as job creation, housing, inflation. A surprise development could be…
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Paris as a Mathematical Classroom

Maths is boring and pointless. I can already count my change in the shop, what more do I need? I won’t even need maths in the real world! If you are a maths teacher, you may hear these phrases or something similar on a weekly basis. Getting students to see the relevance in mathematics is […]…
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