January 22, 2020


Banking: Crisis by Design

Banking – After the devastating Sub-Prime Crisis, which has cost the world trillions of dollars’ worth of lost economic growth, destroyed millions of jobs and businesses, and burdened taxpayers with huge state debts that continue to mount, you would expect implementation of radical reforms to prevent such a crisis from happening again. E…
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Why Lower Equity Returns Look Likely

Equity Returns – Optimistic arguments about longer-term profits to be made in US shares are “deeply flawed” as they’re based on double-counting and circular reasoning, Brett Arends argues on Marketwatch. Future returns are extrapolated from past returns. But a dramatic upward re-rating of stocks was experienced in the past. It’s un…
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Top Ten Chinese Stocks

The Top Ten Chinese Stocks to consider according to Martin Spring of OnTarget Baidu is one of the world’s ten greatest web access organizations, and was the first Chinese organization to be incorporated in the Nasdaq-100 list. It is China’s overwhelming web crawler, and is extending forcefully in the portable and now web keeping mone…
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Monetary-easing policy options

This slowly-developing environment of greater tolerance towards easy-money policies makes it less likely that the European Central Bank will be prevented from implementing more unconventional measures, if they become necessary. The bank has publicly mooted a menu of options including negative interest rates, long-term loans to banks and even large-…
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Strong Euro, Weak Dollar

One of the more difficult decisions facing investors is what is going to happen to the euro. Not only for those of us who don’t regard it as our base currency. After all, the euro is the world’s most important currency after the dollar. If you fear the impact of a weakening dollar on the […]…
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Promising Themes to Invest In

Equity investors should ignore the “incessant din” of current news and focus on long-term secular trends, advises Morgan Stanley Wealth Management strategist Dan Skelly. Themes to Invest In Such trends “typically entail innovative or disruptive technologies, resource discoveries, demographic shifts, or changing consumer preferences,” suc…
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Goldilocks continues to rule

Goldilocks continues to rule in investment markets A Goldilocks environment is one where there are no extremes – economic growth is positive but moderate, inflation is low, exchange rates fluctuate within a comfortable range, central banks pursue market-friendly money-creation and interest-rate policies. Conditions are neither too “hot” no…
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Economic strategies distorted by political priorities

Both sides of this debate support the need for structural reforms, but Keynesians argue that austerity makes them more difficult to achieve. For instance, if you wish to liberalize the labour market, the initial consequence is likely to be higher unemployment. You need to cushion that through state benefits until the delayed greater efficiency p…
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Ea Test Lab

Finding a forex  EA worth using isn’t easy. A quick search of the web reveals hundreds, if not thousands of options. Remember, A LOT of people make money from referring people to purchasing EAs. That’s why I value this site. Finding honesty related to EAs can be challenging if not impossible sometimes.   This is why I […]

Forex Robots

Forex Robot & EA Reviews

Imagine paying $ 99 for a piece of software that will make you rich overnight. Buyers KNOW that the claims of 99% of forex robot vendors are fabricated nonsense and yet every day $ 10.000’s are spent on what are usually useless tools that will eventually lose lots of money. How do I know? In my early days […]

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