April 4, 2020


Ea Test Lab

Finding a forex  EA worth using isn’t easy. A quick search of the web reveals hundreds, if not thousands of options. Remember, A LOT of people make money from referring people to purchasing EAs. That’s why I value this site. Finding honesty related to EAs can be challenging if not impossible sometimes.   This is why I […]

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Forex Robot & EA Reviews

Imagine paying $ 99 for a piece of software that will make you rich overnight. Buyers KNOW that the claims of 99% of forex robot vendors are fabricated nonsense and yet every day $ 10.000’s are spent on what are usually useless tools that will eventually lose lots of money. How do I know? In my early days […]

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Ea Review Section

It just doesn’t make sense to buy every single EA that comes out. There is expense, not to mention the possibility it is a scam and blows your account (the ol’ scam EA double-dip). That’s why we must have a set of procedures to follow in deciding whether we should ever expose our capital to […]

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Forex Ea & Robot Rejects

What would any good review site be without this section??? The reality is this: Even when we do everything we can in the due diligence process, we can still end up with a terrible EA for a variety of reasons. The forex EAs that I will be posting in this part of the site will […]

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Robot & Ea Portfolio

Greetings Friends and Fellow Traders! In this section you will find my personal portfolio of approved EAs. You will notice I will include approved trade copiers here too. I only use ones that are based on EAs anyway, so it’s pretty much the same thing. The reason these EAs have made my full, live portfolio, is […]

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Omar Eltoukhy- My Forex Story

It had been requested of me that I share my personal forex story, since I after all, DID ask all of you to share, and fair is fair. Many of you will probably see a few of the same steps in your own narrative in what it took to get to where you are now, […]

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300% Profit Per Year- Trade Signal Generator

Hi, Omar Eltoukhy here. I have just published a post in the main site about a semi manual trading system that has made 159.35% profit in the last 6 months! averaging over 20% per month AND IF it continues this performance that is over 300% account growth in a year! – usual disclaimer applies. It […]

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Forex Kinetics EA Review

Well, it’s the new year and time to start looking for new products to check out!! Although I do not have the time to personally test and check out each EA anymore, I still have the time and desire to find the good ones for those of us searching for great automated tools in the […]

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Volatility Factor EA Review

Hello my forex friends!! Back again!  This time, it’s not a new product.  With Forex Training Academy I will be featuring two kinds of products: Reviews for New Products that I haven’t tested but seem interesting and worth a look/considering purchasing. Products I have used for a while that I fully endorse and have my own [……
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Some Valuable Lessons

Here are some words of wisdom from a long term member of my forex mentor program, Stephen Cole. Steve has been trading for over 5 years now. He is from a tech background and has tested loads of different programs and strategies, his conclusion: I thought I’d venture a quick post and wish all members […]

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