June 2, 2020


When to Buy, When to Sell

One of the oldest investment controversies is whether you should buy shares and hang on to them indefinitely, staying permanently fully invested and only switching infrequently among companies; or you should follow an active policy. When to Buy, When to Sell The argument for the latter is that research has shown that 80 to 90 […]

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Outperformers likely to continue outperforming

Continuing to ourperform – outperformers. This article follows on from, Book value to market price, wherein what successful investors use heuristics to shape their strategic decisions, was mentioned The FT’s James Mackintosh reported recently: “Momentum has been the most rewarding bet of the past 40 years. It beat the market and outper…
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Book value to market price

Use the book value to market price ratio. What measures should you use to improve your performance? Bernstein says there are four methods of selection that have been shown to produce higher-than-average returns: those with the highest BTM (book-to-market ratio, the inverse of price divided by book value to price ratio), cash flow, dividends, and…
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Planning Your Portfolio

Planning Your Portfolio – All successful investors use heuristics to shape their strategic decisions, but it’s wrong to assume they are always correct. Wikipedia defines heuristics as “experienced-based techniques for problem solving.” However, it rightly warns that the solution they provide “is not guaranteed to be optimal,” mer…
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German government bonds decline

Over 2014 there has been a steady decline in the yield on German government bonds. As a result bunds have outperformed other developed markets. This outperformance could have been driven by two factors: The rising liquidity premium – the premium investors are willing to pay to hold the sovereign bond (in terms of lower yields) […]

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AFB launch Business Cash Advance product

Consumer and business finance company afb has launched an innovative Business Cash Advance product for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Kenya. A first of its kind, the product offers eligible SMEs unsecured cash advances of up to Kshs 5 million, to help them with working capital for their business growth and expansion. The product […]

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Gold Starts to Recover Its Traditional Role

Gold is making a comeback as money, despite a century of near-universal negativism about its future as a key element in global finance. Recently “its popularity as a medium of exchange for international transactions has been soaring,” reports the FT’s John Dizard, with large volumes of both “reported and unreported” trading in the phys…
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Banking: Crisis by Design

Banking – After the devastating Sub-Prime Crisis, which has cost the world trillions of dollars’ worth of lost economic growth, destroyed millions of jobs and businesses, and burdened taxpayers with huge state debts that continue to mount, you would expect implementation of radical reforms to prevent such a crisis from happening again. E…
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Why Lower Equity Returns Look Likely

Equity Returns – Optimistic arguments about longer-term profits to be made in US shares are “deeply flawed” as they’re based on double-counting and circular reasoning, Brett Arends argues on Marketwatch. Future returns are extrapolated from past returns. But a dramatic upward re-rating of stocks was experienced in the past. It’s un…
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Top Ten Chinese Stocks

The Top Ten Chinese Stocks to consider according to Martin Spring of OnTarget Baidu is one of the world’s ten greatest web access organizations, and was the first Chinese organization to be incorporated in the Nasdaq-100 list. It is China’s overwhelming web crawler, and is extending forcefully in the portable and now web keeping mone…
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